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Previous customers are a integral part in judging a companies business practicies, workmanship, integrity, attitude and performance. This knowledge is crucial, the difference between a enjoyable, successful project or not.

Arnone Building & Remodeling believes in only posting recent testimonials, giving you a acturate pulse of our performance and activity.

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 John Arnone has been timely, accurate, informative and very professional throughout the whole experience. He and his team treated my house with the utmost respect and care. There have been no miscommunications or issues. I plan to use Arnone Building & Remodeling again next year and would highly recommend there services.

John & Valarie Babecki
Construct 2nd story addition (master bedroom & bathroom, office & walk in closet) 2010 $ 90,000.00

We decided to convert our Cape Cod home into a colonial, and our first priority was to hire the right contractor. This was our first remodeling project so we were very meticulous with our selection of a contractor and wanted someone we trusted and felt comfortable with. After meeting several contractors we were confident when we hired Arnone Building & Remodeling. John Arnone is very professional, helpful, knowledgable and honest. His patience and attention to detail were apparent while designing our floor plan with us and presenting a very detailed contract and payment plan. John Arnone's hands on expertise was evident as he coordinated every detail of the project and completed it on time. John, his employees and subcontractors were all professionals and proved their Commitment by always arriving on time. Their attitude, workmanship, and attention to detail showed throughout the project and even worked on Super Bowl Sunday to make our addition weather tight. We highly recommend Arnone Building & Remodeling and would not consider any other contractor for our future needs. John Arnone takes pride in his business and truly cares about his customers and their satisfaction. 

Chris & Laura Panettier
Convert cape into colonial (3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 master) & laundry room. 2008 $68,000.00

We both were present when interviewing a handful of contractors to convert a portion of our garage into a family room. Once we obtained all quotes we sat down and asked each other to write down the name of the company we each would prefer. We each chose Arnone Building & Remodeling and they were not the lowest bid. John Arnone was the most thorough and professional and we felt the most confident in. He informed us of a variety of options and supplied drawings for our better understanding. They started and completed on schedule with absolutely no issues. We both could not wait to come home from work to see the progress of that day. Arnone Building & Remodeling preformed above and beyond our expectations.We highly recommend them and plan on using them on our next project.

Darren & Tifany Richards
Convert 1 bay of an existing 2 car garage into a family room 2009 $12,000.00

I would highly recommend Mr. Arnone for any major remodeling and / or renovation job. I was especially impressed with his creactivity and vision in designing our addition above garage. He did what i would expect from a top flight architect and on intitial visit,  I was very impressed with he's finish work and attention to detail. 

Jim & Inge Murry
Construct 2nd story addition (game room, den & bathroom) over present garage 2009 $82,000.00

Thank you very much for a timely completion of my project, especially dealing with the cold and a snowstorm . I would also commend the quaitly of workmanship you performed, your ability to listen and precisely build what we imaged and your ability to be flexible and accommodate changes requested by me or my wife. I commend you on protecting our oak floor during the demo stage. It was truely a pleasure working with you and please feel free to use my name as a reference if needed.

Installing a bay window 2010 $4,600.00

I was extremely pleased with the entire process, from the initial presentation, evaluation, design , estimate to performing the work to completion. Arnone Building & Remodeling displayed professionalism on all levels. Mr. Arnone addressed all of my concerns and questions. The conversion of my flat roof on my garage to a gable style roof drastically improves the value and curb appeal of my home. I would highly recommend Arnone Building & Remodeling 

Robert R.
Convert a flat style roof of a garage into a gable style roof 2010 $9,000.00

Over the last several years, our family has worked with John Arnone's company on two rather large home renovation projects. We found John to be a very thorough and reliable person in all of our business dealings. In fact, we recently recommended John to a friend and co-worker, and was hired to build an addition to their home.        In 2005, with a growing family, we decided to turn our small three bedroom, one bath cape into a four bedroom, two bath coloinal. John offered many suggestions to us during the planning stages and stuck to timelines. He takes the time to provide a detailed schedule for each phase of construction, and stands behind his work. Because of this positive experience, we hired John again in 2006 to remove a bearing wall between our old bedrooms on first floor, and converting this space into a large family room.He also helped to renovate our kitchen and update our bathroom.We appreciate John's professionalism and attention to detail. We feel very confident recommending John to many of our acquaintances.

Dave & Kathleen Kiley
Convert cape home into a 2 story Colonial, 3 bedrooms / bathroom 2006 $87,000.00

We hired Arnone Building & Remodeling because we were extremly impressed with there professionisism, throughhness, knowledge and communication during our initial meeting. They provided samples of various materials to choose from, supplied a detailed drawing for our better understanding, offered many options of designs and explained building code requirements. They truly cared about making sure we understood all our options. The results were spectacular, even the building inspector complemented the workmanship. We felt very confident during the entire project and never worried about any issues. I would highly recommend Arnone Building & Remodeling and would not hesitate hiring them for our next project.

Bill & Carol Pepin
Construct a front porch (8' 0" x 43' 0") complete with composite materials, new windows & door. 2010 $31,000.00

 We found John Arnone through an internet search. We decided to give John a call after reading the testimonials on his web site. As soon as we met there was an immediate comfort factor . He gave us his honest professional opinion about the job, and also offered some of his design ideas as well. It''s very hard to find a contractor who is as honest as John and he truly has the customer's best interest as his number one priority . Just look at the pictures on his web site, they speak for themselves. He helped us update a worn down 1980's house into the dream home it is today. I can say without a doubt if you hired someone else besides John Arnone you settled for less. There is no way we would attach our name to this letter if these statements weren't true. John, you are a true gentleman and professional and I know we will be calling you back to perform all our future work.

Bernand & Jinsy Caparrelli
Extensive interior remodeling (bathroom, kitchen, interior stairs, tile) 2010 $45,000.00

Arnone Building & Remodeling tackled a large 3 month renovation project in our home that included a master bedroom / bathroom addition. We met with a number of contractors to review and compare pricing, references, designs, timelines and overall building process in terms of what we can expect through out the course of project. Mr. Arnone's pricing, references, attention to detail and willingness to do alot of design work in advance of being awarded the job, made our decision an easy one.The quality of work, the coordination and scheduling of materials and sub-contractors was handled in a very professional manner.  Mr. Arnone took the time to meet with us throughout the building process. He established a payment schedule with payments due upon completion of that phase  and  always returned calls in a timely manner . His thoroughness with detail was extremely helpful in eliminating any surprises or unplanned cost.  We highly recommend Arnone Building & Remodeling.

Bob & Maria Sommer
Construct 2nd story addition (master bedroom & bathroom with walk in closet) 2008 $65,000.00

Thank you so much for turning my dark, low ceiling, paneled family room into a bright comtemporary space.The valted ceiling and skylights add so much light during the day and the recess lighting is perfect for after dark. I apprecate that you took the time to meet with me throughout the project to deal with the unexpected design challenges of my existing room. You really listened to what I wanted and offered many design suggestions to make sure it turned out exactly right. You turned my vision for my room into reality. I love my room. 

Convert a standard 8' 0" high flat ceiling of family room to a vaulted ceiling 2009 $ 13,000.00

Arnone Building & Remodeling is a first class company. They were punctual, courteous, thorough to details and performed quality workmanship. The entire process was enjoyable and stress-less. They were honest enough to return a mint condition 1906 indian head penny thet found when removing original interior trim in my 1906 house.I wouldn't hesitate on hiring them for future projects. Thank you again for everything you did for me.

Stephen K.
Removed and installed a variety of doors (interior / exterior) 2009 $4,000 .00

John Arnone was helpful, efficient, honest, accommodating and completed our project on time.  We would definitely recommend his company to our friends and would definitely consider him in future projects.

Amy & Allan S
Drywall work, electrical work 2010 $800.00

I was extremely pleased with the entire process, from the initial presentation, evaluation, design , estimate to performing the work to completion. Arnone Building & Remodeling displayed professionalism on all levels. Mr. Arnone addressed all of my concerns and questions. The conversion of my flat roof on my garage to a gable style roof drastically improves the value and curb appeal of my home. I would highly recommend Arnone Building & Remodeling 

Joe & Ann Labozzo
Kitchen remodel, fix another contractors mistakes. 2006 $1,500.00
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