Rear addition. Family room, office and rear foyer with closet. Rear deck with full basement. Also, vinyl siding new addition and entire house.

Family room addition, hip roof with front gable. Clap board exterior with special "SUN BURST " gable .

2 Story Addition, plus 1 story addition with roof deck

Family room rear home addition on piers.

3 Season room addition Match existing siding . Porch constructed on piers, bottom enclosed with vinyl lattice and "TREK" decking boards.

Rear room addition on piers. Created bedroom addition. Pressure treated plywood installed under floor joist. Floor well insulated.

2 Story rear Addition to existing Cape House, thus 2nd floor concept. 1st floor is an extension of kitchen and new family room. 2nd floor is master bathroom with master bedroom and private balcony.

Room addition built off existing gable end of Ranch house. Matched same roof lines and flush with front exterior wall. Home addition consisting of a master bedroom & bathroom.

Garage addition . (1 of 4) Originally was a 2 car garage. Created another bay (far right) and converted into a 3 car garage. Up graded with overhead garage doors, siding, roofing and electrical fixtures.

Created new 2nd level Addition on Main House. (2 of 4) Existing chimney extended (notice newer bricks top half).

Rear family room addition. (3 of 4) Replaced all existing windows on main house and created additional windows (5) above shed roof of 1st floor addition. New siding on Main house.

Newly created Vestibule. (4 of 4) Front interior foyer extended (see bump out). New Front door with side lites and custom slate platform / steps with stone work.

Room Addition on piers. Existing kitchen remodeled & enlarged with additional wall & base cabinets, thus needing a sitting area.

In-Law house addition (1 of 2). Right/Front view. Over 800 sq. ft house addition on main level, plus finish basement. Location of chimney is where original house ended.

In -Law addition (2 of 2). Front view. Original front door on left, In-Law house addition entrance door on right. An interior door exist for accessibility to both sides.

In-Law Addition (on piers ), 1 of 6 before location . View (combination , rear of home and side of garage). Side garage door (as shown) was closed up and other door (off deck) will become community entrance from existing home to proposed In-Law Addition. Portion of existing deck to be removed & altered.

In -Law Addition (on piers) 2 of 6 before location View (combination , rear of home, side and front of garage). Idea location for In-Law Addition (accessibility , able to park vehicle on nearby driveway and walk a short distance to front door).

In - Law Addition (on piers) 3 of 6 , completed Appearance of addition consistent with architecture of present home such as pitch of roof, gable & soffit overhangs of roof . same style windows with windowgrids. Exterior door consistent with main house. Roof shingles in the valley (where 2 roofs meet) are" Weaved "instead of a intrusive looking piece of metal flashing.

In - Law Addition (on piers) 4 of 6, completed Rear view . New rear entrance door (off kitchen) exiting to existing home deck. Vinyl lattice along bottom skirt to conceal all structural post. Floor joist size are 2" x 12", enabling 12" thick fiberglass insulation (R-38) . Bottom of floor joist covered with pressure treated plywood and seams of plywood also covered . No concerns of freezing water lines for bathroom or kitchen, plus water lines wrapped in pipe insulation.

In - Law Addition (on piers) 5 of 6, completed Interior view from front entrance door. Open layout (living room & kitchen) . Bedroom to left (off living room) & hallway to right (off living room) leading to apartment bathroom and community door to main house.. Total square footage is 660. See photo 6, drawing to reality.

In - Law Addition (on piers) 6 of 6 Floor plan Illustrated is final floor plan approved by homeowner and included in contract . This process enables homeowner to have a perfect understanding of sizes and layout.

2 Story Addition / full basement. Gable wall of 2 story addition mimicks existing gable wall of 2 story home. Created laundry room, family room and enlarged kitchen on 1st floor and 2nd floor consist of master bedroom and master bathroom.