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All information are documented FACTS, and not someone's opinion.

Arnone Building & Remodeling , selected by the CT. Better Business Bureau as the recipient of the CT. BBB Marketplace Excellence Award the following years, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 & 2019. Awarded more times in "Excellence" than any other BBB Accredited Business in Ct. to date (past & present ). BBB member since 2007.

Established 1973, 51 consecutive years (self-employed at 19). Owner is Founder, Estimator, Draftsman & Working Foreman.

Remodeled 250 + Bathrooms

Remodeled 200 + Kitchens

Built 400 + Decks

Built 250 + Additions

All posted testimonials are genuine.

Never a revoked license. Never a suspended license.

Offers Starting & Completion date.

Never went bankrupt. Never changed company name.

Licensed & Insured (up-to-date documents posted on web site).

A+ rating, CT Better Business Bureau (no complaints past 36 years).

Not been sued by a homeowner past 37 years

Approved Ct. Contractor for VA SAH Grants (Specially Adapted Housing), since 2008

Never had any OSHA violations.

Approved Ct. Contractor for VA SHA Grants (Special Housing Adaptations) since 2008

Approved Ct. Contractor for VA TRA Grants (Temporary Residence Adaptation) since 2008

Never has any sub-contractor nor supplier placed a lien on my customers home for non-payment.

Certified "Lead Safe" Contractor

Certification Number R-R-73237-20-00107

Approved FHA 203K Contractor since 2008

Reputable, Experienced, Knowledgeable & Honest.

Our Commitment to You!

No Excuses

We don't make excuses. We believe excuses are due to lack of discipline, preparation, knowledge or lack of experience. An excuse is nothing more than avoiding responsibility.

No Hidden Cost

We believe knowledge of Building Codes and a thorough inspection is our responsibility. If we overlook an obvious correction or Code requirement we will correct/provide at no charge.

Dust and Mess Control

We believe this is avoidable. The solution is simple because we have the discipline, mindset, and pride.

Payments are Only Due Upon Completion

We only request payment on services already rendered. A detailed payment schedule is provided and we request payment upon completion of a phase and not starting of a phase, You pay for what was installed.

Convert a Cape or Ranch into a Colonial

How much does it cost to convert a cape into a colonial?

Based on the most common size cape, usually, 32' frontage and 24' deep (768 sq. ft) and usually creating a total of 3 bedrooms (1 being a master) & 2 bathrooms (1 being a master) the cost could range between $125 to $ 150 per square foot.

The variables are based on
  1. the selection of materials.
  2. design
  3. existing circumstances.
Note, these 3 mentioned variables are thoroughly explained as you further read.

View the floor plan drawings for an idea of the layout & sizes of the rooms listed above. Drawings based on the present stairs (leading upstairs) are located in the middle of the house near the front exterior entrance door. However, if not, other layouts/ floor plans can be figured out. A contractor asks this question to establish if you're wasting their time, however, my suggested response counter acts their objective and the message you want to send is "Prove yourself to me and not me proving I could afford this".

We're a Full service CT home improvement company capable of performing extremely large projects along with the ability and willingness to perform small one day projects.


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Top 10 Questions Homeowners Will Never Ask a Contractor Because They're Afraid To!

You're entrusting a company with your most important possessions (family), assets (home), and resources.
  1. Are you presently addicted to drugs, alcohol, or gambling?
  2. Are you presently on any prescription medication and if so, for what reason?
  3. Have you ever been accused or arrested for stealing, lewd acts, DWI, DUI, tax evasion, or home improvement fraud?
  4. Do you presently have any financial problems (lawsuits, liens, foreclosures, or judgments)?
  5. Have you ever owned a company that filed for bankruptcy?
  6. Have you ever changed the name of your company to conceal or avoid prior responsibilities, liabilities, litigation, or misleading due to having a bad reputation?
  7. Had you ever had a revoked, suspended, or invalid Home Improvement license?
  8. How often has your company been sued by a homeowner due to poor workmanship, not starting or completing a project, or causing any monetary hardships?
  9. How often has your company be liable for causing property damage during construction?
  10. How could I be assured that I'll be extremely pleased with the quality of workmanship and that the final outcome will be an enjoyable, no worry, no mess, and stress-free experience?

I answer ALL of these questions!

Don't necessarily be impressed with these credentials or statements on a website!

They could be misleading!
  • "We offer money saving coupons"
  • Pictures, especially slide shows"
  • Message in Videos and Audios
  • Reading positive Testimonials
  • "We're licensed and Insured"
  • "I'm a Master Carpenter"
  • Stated amount of Experience

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Contractor

  1. Don't tell the company what your budget is until ...
  2. Don't consider a company's bid without ...
  3. Don't assume all companies are quoting "Apples to ...
  4. Don't complicate the "Bid Process" by having ...
  5. Don't assume being licensed & insured guarantees
  6. Don't consider hiring a company without a contract and ...
  7. Don't sign a contract on the spot, Request ...
  8. Don't supply any merchandise, have company ...
  9. Don't accept references that ...
  10. Don't be seduced by the ...

Red Flags: Avoid Hiring CT Home Improvement Contractors When...

  • Solicits at door.
  • No listing in phone book.
  • Provides only a P.O Box address.
  • Offers a discount for on spot decision.
  • Quote only good for today.
  • Request you obtain Building Permit.
  • Accepts only cash.
  • Request a large deposit.
  • Refuses to provide written estimate.
  • Refuses to provide written contract.
The above list are obvious indicators, for the not so obvious visit "Mistakes to Avoid"

Top 10 Scams/Deceptions by CT Home Improvement Contractors!

  • Purposely "lowballing" bids.
  • Charging what seems to be a reasonable hourly rate.
  • Overcharging on "additional work".
  • Contract language favoring contractor.
  • Exaggerating / misleading "amount of experience".
  • Excuses/lying
  • Tactics to cover up not being properly insured.
  • Falsifying/misleading references.
  • Tactics to cover up not being properly licensed
  • Purposely "Low Balling" time project will take.
  • Solutions to counteract or avoid! Learn their tactics & motives! Don't be scammed! Knowledge is "POWER"!

Top 10 FAQ to Home Improvement/Remodeling Contractors

  1. Why unexpected/additional cost to the original contract?
  2. Are you Insured?
  3. Is an architect needed?
  4. Why wasn't a quote submitted by contractor?
  5. Can you supply me with references?
  6. Are you licensed?
  7. When can you start?
  8. Why the discrepancies in bids?
  9. How much will the project cost?
  10. How long will the project take?

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Myths highlighted in Black -Reality Highlighted in Red.

To apply for a CT Home Improvement License you must have sufficient / documented hours of formal training & experience. Also, knowledge of building codes & business laws and to obtain a license passed a test conducted by State of Connecticut.
No test required, just pay a fee. You don't earn a license you buy one.

Advertisements offering a coupon means a reduction in cost.
Not true, your given an inflated quote to counter- act any alleged reduction. Coupons are only legit when purchasing a product with a pass history of value. The Home Improvement Industry sells a service not a product, thus any given quote is subjective and could be manipulated.

Public perception of the word "Experienced" is one that is qualified, skilled & knowledgeable in their profession.
Contractor's interpretation is calculated by total years of involvement. Unfortunately contractors interpretation doesn't conclude being qualified nor possessing knowledge , common sense or performing quality workmanship . Also, stated amount of experience is subjective and most likely exaggerated. For example they include their "Time of Experience" when not working, unemployed, injured, on disability, laid off or in a different profession.

Videos featured on web sites reflect proof that company is qualified to perform illustrated work in a professional & workmanship manner.Not necessarily true. Videos are created by paying an advertising agency to illustrate a company in a positive / professional manner, even if the information (supplied by client) is false, exaggerated or misleading.

Photos of a company's previous work (similar to your project) are an assurance of their capability thus they are qualified.
Not necessary true. Photos don't confirm if customer was satisfied with company's workmanship, communication skills, demeanor, cleanliness or starting & completing project as promised.

Testimonials illustrated on web sites are true.
Not necessary true... There are no restrictions or guidelines to prove a testimonial is accurate or genuine before being posted. Even a genuine testimonial is not an assurance of company's qualifications when it is extremely old or doesn't specify type of project performed. These testimonials are inconclusive to determine their present abilities.

Claiming to be a "Master Carpenter".
There's no organization, association or governing party in the United States giving certifications claiming one to be a true "Master Carpenter". There are Master & Grand Master rankings in chess, judo & karate, however not Carpentry.

" John Arnone has been timely, accurate, informative and very professional throughout the whole experience. He and his team treated my house with the utmost respect and care. There have been no miscommunications or issues. I plan to use Arnone Building & Remodeling again next year and would highly recommend there services."

Bill & Carol Pepin

"John Arnone was helpful, efficient, honest, accommodating and completed our project on time. We would definitely recommend his company to our friends and would definitely consider him in future projects."

Amy & Allan S

"John Arnone finished a large project for us at our home in Fairfield, CT. He and his company essentially transformed our home from a cape into a colonial style home by removing the entire roof adding a new second story consisting of 3 bedrooms & 2 full bathrooms including all interior & exterior work . The total cost of the project is roughly $150,000.

John has extensive experience with home building / renovation projects and is very knowledgeable about code requirements. building practices, regulations, etc. John Arnone was " Hands On " as foreman throughout the entire job , and was able to make recommendations to us based on his experience with prior projects. He also has knowledgeable, professional and experienced subcontractors that did all the mechanical work. He has communicated clearly and promptly throughout the project and has been very responsive to our questions."

Helen Lawson

"We hired John Arnone for a project to create a foyer and stairs that would allow us to finally access our basement directly without entering the garage. John and his assistant Christian were great, not only did they create exactly what we were looking for, but John had an idea to maximize the use of space, and created an extra closet that we hadn't even thought of. John made the process very straightforward, and simple. He was there every day, and answered any questions that we had. On a personal note, it was great having such an interesting personality around the house for a few weeks, they interacted with our children and dog in such a sweet way, it was genuinely a little sad to see them go. The kids are still talking about the "builders". From a business perspective the contract was very specific, to the point and accurate, every step was laid out and the payment schedule was perfect. John is a pleasure to work with, he is kind and funny, while keeping professional boundaries, and honestly left my garage cleaner then when he started. I respect his honesty, appreciated the patience and attention to detail and dedication to the work. If you are looking for someone that will give you honest answers, not sugar coat anything, and do a fantastic job then you are in the right place."

Tameria Macari

"John, I am very happy with the work that was done by you and your crew on my second floor bedroom and bathroom renovation project. I appreciate the fact that you responded to the minor concerns I had during and after the project in a timely and professional manner. I wold definitely recommend you to anyone looking for any type of building or renovation work."

Thanks, Chris

CT Home Improvement & Remodeling

We Offer

  • Peace of Mind
  • Written Contract
  • Insured & Licensed
  • Written Guarantee on Workmanship
  • Start & Completion Date
  • Specials & Promotions
  • Payment Schedule
  • Professionalism & Knowledge
  • Thoroughness
  • Excellent Workmanship
  • Design & Blueprint Service
  • References

Approved Contractor for Home Handicap Modifications

  • Approved Ct. Contractor for VA SAH Grants (Specially Adapted Housing)
  • Approved Ct. Contractor for VA SHA Grants (Special Housing Adaptations)
  • Approved Ct. Contractor for VA TRA Grants (Temporary Residence Adaptation)
Wheelchair accessible bathrooms / bedrooms
  • Ramps
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Barrier-free showers
  • Structure work
  • Lifts
  • Nonslip tile
  • Grab bars
  • Additions
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Approved FHA 203 K Contractor

Renovation Loans, Construction Loans

We understand the stress and uncertainness "you " the homeowner have in researching for a reliable, honest Ct. remodeling company when both obtaining an Approved FHA 203K loan through completion of the project. Arnone Building & Remodeling can assure you we are an excellent choice with a 100 % satisfaction rating, we are a home improvement company with the highest integrity, and we have a conscious of your best interest.

Code of Conduct
  • Proper Attire
  • No Loud Music
  • No Smoking In House
  • No Swearing
  • Clean & Safe Work Area
  • Utmost Consideration

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