2nd Story Home Addition , before (1 of 3) Presently a 1st floor family room addition attached to colonial house.

2nd Story Home Addition, during (2 of 3) Creating a 2nd story master bedroom . Original bedroom floor space was remodeled into 2 walk-in closets, master bathroom and office room.

2nd Story Home Addition, after (3 of 3) Addition designed and constructed as though it was original structure.

2 Story house + un-finished attic, during (2 of 3) Newly created 3rd level during framing stage.

2 Story house / un-finished attic, after (3 of 3) Created 2 large bedrooms and bathroom with plenty of storage space.

Turn cape into a two story home addition (colonial). Created 3 bedrooms & bath. Created vestibule. Extend chimney. Following year, remove 1st floor center bearing wall and convert original 2 bedrooms into 1 large family room.

Turn cape into a second story home addition (colonial). Created master bedroom with master bathroom and walk in closet. Also 2 additional bedrooms with full bathroom and laundry room off hallway.

Built second story room addition over existing 1st floor family room. Create master bedroom, master bathroom, walk in closet and office. Match existing hip style roof & overhangs. Extend chimney.

Convert ranch into a second story home addition. Created 3 Bedrooms & 1 bath .Created staircase to upstairs. Install new structural floor system. Raise chimney.

Build second story home addition over existing garage. Created full bathroom, office & game room. New staircase & structural floor system. Structural full span beam in garage .

Existing colonial, created master bedroom addition, master bathroom and walk in closet over room below. (1 of 2)

Rear view of room addition Match roof lines. (2 of 2)

Convert cape into a second story home addition (colonial). Created 3 bedrooms and full bath over Main House and master bedroom / bathroom / walk-in closet and office over garage.

Created 2 bedrooms in un-finished attic area. Plus, strip old roof shingles on remaining house and install new architectual shingles and raise chimney.

Rear Dormer to existing cape. Consist of bedroom, full bath, sitting room. Rear deck with stairs to grade.

Turn ranch into split level ranch. (right gable view). (1 of 2) - Not required to raise entire lenght of a Ranch House if additional rooms are not needed or beyond budget.

Convert ranch into split level ranch. ( left gable view ). (2 of 2) - Newly created stairs required to new 2nd level. 2nd floor windows mimick windows below. (see front & gable walls)

Convert 1 story house into a two story house. . - Newly created stairs required to new 2nd level. Raise chimney . Created new structural floor system

2 Front Dormers. - These type of dormers are called "Dog House ". Purpose for additional light, ventilation and floor space.

Add a full rear dormer to a cape. Also created a full lenght rear deck and stairs to grade.

Convert ranch into split level ranch. - 2nd level Hip style roof matches remaining style of house. Extend chimney, new structually floor and set of stairs to new 2nd level

Created 2nd level home addition.(1 of 2). Front View Large sliding windows and sliding door facing ocean. Created private 2nd level deck with glass railing for non-obstructive views.

Created 2nd level home addition (2 of 2) Side View.

Convert Ranch to Colonial

Convert Ranch to Cape, 1 of 3 before photo, front view Originally a 1 story, brick, ranch home with hip-style roof. Homeowner needed 2 additional bedrooms & 1 bathroom. Have to create a set of stairs to proposed 2nd level, usually from 1st floor living room and usually directly above existing set of stairs leading to basement.

Convert Ranch to Cape, 2 of 3 after photo, front view Constructed a steep front roof, consistent with a cape style home and built a full-length rear dormer. This conversion (ranch to cape) opposed to standard conversion (ranch to colonial) is less expensive if you need only 2 bedrooms. If you need 3 or 4 bedrooms with both a hallway & master bathroom, you need to convert to a colonial style home.

Convert Ranch to Cape, 3 of 3 after photo, rear view New bedrooms, each with a gable & rear window and bathroom located in center (off hallway) . As you notice, existing ground level family room addition & 2 car garage (see photo 2 of 3) limits property space for any possibility of a ground level bedroom addition.

Convert Ranch to Cape

Convert Ranch to Colonial (right gable view) (1 of 2). Since a structuarlly floor is required, take advantage by cantilevering new floor joist 2' 0" beyond 1st floor foot print for additional floor space. Also, option of expanding both in front and back as this house was done.

Convert Ranch to Colonial (left gable view) (2 of 2). Continuing 2nd level over existing garage is an option if additional rooms ( bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room, den, office, etc) were needed.