Family room

Initially a flat ceiling room with dark paneled walls & wood work. Minimum lighting.

Removed existing ceiling joist, extended walls to new ceiling height and increased depth of rafter framing to accomadate 12" inches of fiberglass insulation in new ceiling. Code requires 12" thick insulation in ceiling

Convert a flat ceiling room into a valted ceiling room . Complete with skylights, sheetrock / painted walls & trim and numberous recess lighting and paddle fan.


Front house window

Removed & closed up 2 standard double hung windows

Installed new bay window, complete with new support header, roof and custom bottom skirt. Install new matching siding entire wall.

Interior stairs

Request was to remove partition to open other side of stairs (exposing stairs on dining room side)

Removed exposed wall as shown, strutural work required (re-support stair opening header) , relocating electrical wallout and light switch. Eventually removed entire set of stairs. Also removed laminate flooring on foyer floor.

Installed an entire new set of stairs, from main level to 2nd floor. New newel post, banisters & balusters. Also installed new tile floor in front foyer.

Notice banister (right side of stairs), continuous from bottom newel post to 2nd floor landing. Building code requires a continuous banister on at least one side. Safty reason (objective, not removing your hand from banister once engaging to opposite level)

Remodeled Garage

Built a short partition wall in rear to match height of existing front wall of garage (establish 2 level points) prior to installing roof trusses.

Changed original shed type roof into a gable style roof . Match existing roof pitch of main house and gable addition . Install matching siding on new gable walls.