Website Credentials

Don’t Necessarily Be Impressed with these Credentials or Statements on a Website!

They could be misleading !

Money saving coupons, regarding a product. 


Not necessarily true, you’re given an inflated quote to counter-act any alleged reduction.

  • It’s possible this product never sold at the original price, if so, it’s no bargain.
  • It’s possible; however it could have been “marked up “giving a false impression of a reduction.
  • It could be true however you can be charged grossly higher in labor to off-set any reduction.

Money saving coupons, regarding labor. 



Not necessary true, you’re given an inflated quote to counter-act any alleged reduction, and in small print you will see, (“Must inform contractor prior to receiving estimate") in larger print it states “Must inform contractor prior to receiving estimate".

  • The statement “Must inform prior to receiving estimate “is a “RED FLAG”.
  • It’s possible only if you compare alleged bargain quote from other contractor’s quotes to confirm a reduction. However there most likely are omissions.
  • The Home Improvement Industry’s primary profit is in the labor-charge thus any given quote is subjective and could be manipulated higher to compensate for the alleged discount.  

All pictures especially a slide show.

Advertising Objective is to portray that this company performed these particular projects. There isn’t anything illegal with this type of advertising because contractor actually isn’t incriminating themselves by stating they actually performed this work, however morally wrong.   

  • However it’s possible…  Consumer is under the impression that this contractor performed the illustrated work, when in reality it was generated from a web designer’s library.
  • It’s also possible these project pictures were taken when being a pervious employee when working for another company.
  • You could ask and be informed if it was generated from a web designers library and believe them. You can later ask for references, 3 similar jobs plus the one portrayed on website with aforementioned picture.

Videos and Audio.

Advertising Objective is to inform consumers about their company and services offered. 

  • However it’s created by paying an advertising agency to illustrate this company in a positive and professional manner even if the information (supplied by company) is false, exaggerated or misleading. Similar to listening to a “Radio ad “, it’s a pre-scripted speech and the blanks are filled with the name of the advertising business.
  • You’ll mostly be informed that the company is insured, licensed, offers  free estimates, member of the BBB with a high grade score, etc.  Big deal, it’s required by law to be insured and licensed, it’s similar to hearing a restaurant stating “the food is cooked “or a dentist stating “the denial pick placed in your mouth is first sterilized “As far as stating they give “Free Estimates “, Big deal, if they did charge they will lose a lot of opportunities to the point of possibly going out of business, besides everyone gives free estimates. As far as the BBB high grade, you will need to research further. Please read Home Page Heading  asking following Question “Is there much credence to a Home Improvement Company having a A+ BBB Rating?"
  • My company’s website provides an audio; it’s located on the Home Page, extreme top, right column. Now this is what a consumer wants to know.

Reading positive Testimonials

There’s no law that testimonials must be authentic to be posted on a web site. Thus testimonials could be fabricated or if true, vague, extremely old, misleading thus a misrepresentation of the company’s qualifications and abilities.   

  • You should disregard testimonials that are not personalized (owners full name), not dated, and non-descriptive, If not displayed you could ask company this information, similar to requesting references. I do realize that the customer themselves may omit date and include an  in-depth description of work in their testimonial, however the business would be responsible to post this omitted information on website. If pass customer prefers their last name not be posted then contractor required to post Building Permit number, City or Town. Knowing this information you can research and confirm Company name, description of work and value of project and year it was done ( all mentioned on a building permit ).
  • Please read Home Page Heading “Read in Between the Linesregarding testimonials for deeper explanation and resolution.
  • My company’s website provides testimonials that are all personalized, recent, descriptive including pictures and are compelling. Located on Home Page Heading “ Testimonials " , right column , toward top , under 42 year anniversary plaque. Also, Home Page Heading “1 job, 1 Testimonialleft column, directly under BBB logo.  Also many more throughout website.


As stated above (videos & audios), it a requirement by law to be licensed and since this document is purchased opposed to earned, being licensed isn’t an assurance of being experienced, skilled or knowledgably.

  • Consumer still needs to verify this document, however only to dismiss if not confirmed.


Same as licensing, required by law, purchased not earned.

  • Consumer still needs to verify this document, however only to dismiss if not confirmed.

Claiming to be a Master Carpenter

A figment of one’s own imagination.

  • There’s no organization, association or governing party in the United States giving certifications / recognition to this mythical title. There is Master& Grand Master titles in chess, judo and karate, however not carpentry.

Stated Amount of Experience, Company & Individually

Listed below are examples that are stated on website (see bullets) however meaning something different (directly under bullet)!

  • “25 years of experience ", read reality directly below.

5 employees each with 5 years’ experience

  • “25 years of experience”,read reality directly below.

A majority as an employee thus could lack people-skills, leadership skills, business knowledge.

  • “25 years of experience", read reality directly below.

Actually is true, however doesn’t poses the skills in the type of work you’re interested in doing. There are many different types of trades Bundled-Up in the same Home Improvement License , they include ( but limited to ) swimming pools , driveways , landscaping ,insulation , fences , waterproofing , painting , roofing , siding ).  This company may state they do, for example “Additions", however not there specialty.

Actually is true, and specialize in the type of project you’re interested in doing, for example “Additions “, however either only commercial types of additions, or only in the capacity as a sub-contractor and truly would have to “Hit and Miss” in finding other tradesman’s (electrician, plumber, mason, plumber, etc.) to complete your project.

  • “25 years of experience", read reality directly below.


Including time as a child , or when laid off , hurt , unemployed, in a different profession or including full amount of time in a part-time position.

A+ BBB rated company

Read article located on Home Page, titled , Question “Is there much credence to a Home Improvement Company having a A+ BBB Rating" for further explanation.