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When my husband and I realized that our little 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 800 square foot ranch was just not going to cut it anymore, we struggled with what we should do. We loved our location but the house was just way too small. After doing a ton of research, we stumbled across the Approved FHA 203 k loan which allows homeowners to refinance their home with a construction loan included in it. It seemed like the perfect solution but finding a reputable contractor in Connecticut that had the capital to put up the money in the beginning of the construction was almost impossible. We searched the Internet and found nothing. We called some contractors who were recommended by friends and they literally laughed at the idea of not being paid up front for a job... most wanted at least 50% up front, which the Approved FHA 203 k loan does not allow. Finally, a co-worker of mine suggested John Arnone and mentioned that he had a very strong company with the funds to handle a project of this size. I eagerly called John that evening and hoped that I would get a good feeling about him.

John has exceeded every hope that I might have had since our very first phone conversation. Not only did he take the time to visit my home several times to make sure I was getting everything I wanted, but he also made suggestions based on what type of life my husband and I currently led and where we saw ourselves in 5, 10, 20 years. He was EXTREMELY patient and took the time to explain everything to me so that I felt comfortable with every decision we made. He spent countless hours working on my floor plans, and wrote out such a detailed bid, that even my mortgage specialist and HUD consultant called to say how impressed they were with how thorough he was compared to the other contractors they have worked with. He was informative about his craft and even more so, was eager to learn about the changing practices of the Approved FHA 203 k loan and really made the process of obtaining the loan easier. Every hoop that Wells Fargo asked us to jump through, he did without hesitation. It was one of the largest loans my agent had done (over 350K construction loan) and he never hesitated once with the size or scope of the work. He dove in headfirst, even when obstacles with the bank and with the permits stood in our way.

As you can imagine, doing a renovation of that size makes you question every decision that you have made. I asked SO many questions, sent SO many emails and called John at least once a day for the first 6 months of the project... and never ever once did he make me feel bad about it. He always took my calls and always took the time to answer my questions. I must have changed my mind about the staircase and the master bathroom and the location of the laundry room at least a dozen times and every time, he explained to me what would be involved, any extra costs that might incur and the process to make those changes but he never told me it couldn't be done and never made me feel guilty for the changes.

His patience and professionalism far exceeded my expectations and now, I look at my 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, 2500 square foot home , 2 car attached garage and wrap-a-round porch and can't believe what he has done. Our house is the talk of the neighborhood. People slow down as they drive by to take in how we turned this tiny ranch into a beautiful, big colonial. Dog walkers stop to tell us they can't believe what we have created out of that little house. I really can't say enough about John and his company. He brought our dream and ideas to life... he has created a home that I can be proud of and more importantly, that I can feel safe in. Not only is the house and finish work beautiful, but because he took the time to explain to me the things he was doing, I know that what is behind the finishing touches, inside of the walls is all done safely and securely. During the process of demolition , John found numerous violations with the structural, electrical and plumbing "upgrades" that the owners before us had done and not only did he fix everything to bring it up to code. but he explained everything to me so I understood what had been wrong with it before and why it needed to be addressed. I've worked with contractors before who get annoyed when you ask why things are necessary, but not John. He was always happy to educate me. So now, I take a look around at my beautiful hardwood floors, smooth walls and elegant staircase and know that while he made them beautifully, what's more important is that he never cut corners and he made them safe...

The hardest part about this project is that now that it is complete, I won't have a reason to call him daily and won't be seeing he and his team here regularly. They've become like an extended part of our family and we can't wait to have them back in the Spring when we have him build our new deck! If you want to feel like your home is in safe hands and you're looking for someone you can trust and who will pay attention to the details , Arnone Building is the only way to go. We couldn't be happier that we chose them...

Victor & Ashley Mathieu

Thank you Victor and Ashley for an " Out of this World " testimonial , I was only doing my job. I think I'll need you to sign a disclaimer stating we are not related nor were you coerced or paid for your testimonial - John Arnone

2014 Project , Ridgefield , CT