Unfortunately there’s no present law/ restrictions/ guidelines that testimonials must be proven to be authentic / genuine to be posted on any Ct. Home improvement contractors web site. Thus testimonials could and are fabricated to mislead the consumer. Even an authentic testimonial could be vague thus become misleading and a misrepresentation of companies’ qualifications and abilities.

It’s crucial you’re educated on how to “Read in between the lines “ and confirm/distinguish between “Truth & Friction “. This knowledge will enable you to eliminate the inexperienced, misleading and inferior Ct. Home remodeling companies and guide you toward a qualified CT. remodeling company.

An overwhelming majority of testimonials (99 %) posted on all companies web sites don’t include the 4 essential criteria’s most helpful to you. Testimonials should exhibit these 4 essential criteria’s, should be …. (1) Recent (2) Descriptive (3) Compelling (4) Personalized.

Listed below is explanation and reason why…

Recent. Giving you an accurate pulse and assurance of this Ct. Home remodeling company’s present activity and performance. Non-recent or no testimonials should raise red flags.

Descriptive. Giving you an assurance that this Ct. remodeling contractor specializes in the type of project you’re presently seeking.

Compelling. A satisfied homeowner will be extremely explicit with all the reasons why this Ct. Home improvement company deserves both recognition and their praise. They’ll most likely not write a one sentence vague testimonial.

Personalized. Under ideal circumstances, homeowner supplying full name with testimonial, if not, it’s understandable. However I believe company should include Building permit number, date permit issued & City/ Town work was performed to prove some sort of a personalization.

Let me give you some examples of vague, misleading testimonials illustrated below, (between quotation marks).

Testimonial Example One (below 1-4) with an observation that there’s “No Descriptive” type of work performed and it is “Non Compelling “.

  1. “They did a great job and completed on time “.
  2. “ The workmanship was excellent “
  3. “It was a pleasure working with you”
  4. “I would highly recommend them “.

Your Concern ……. This could be a small or simple job ( installing a door knob , cleaning gutters , build a deck ) , and how is this relevant if you’re planning an extensive home addition or remodeling project such as converting a cape style home into a colonial or remodeling a kitchen or bathroom.

Testimonial Example Two (below1-3) with an observation that even thou location of work performed within house was specified the type of work was “Non Descriptive “.

  1. “ I totally love the work they did in my kitchen
  2. “ I’m extremely happy with the work they performed in my bathroom
  3. “ They did a great job in my basement

Your Concern…….  This could be misleading and a possible manipulation of words to give you a false presumption this Ct. Home improvement remodeler is qualified and experienced regarding this type of remodeling project. And in reality all they did was “ Change knobs & handles on kitchen cabinets “ or “ install a shower rod in bathroom tub “ or  “Replace a few damaged acoustical ceiling tiles in basement “. Absolutely no reason to call and request a quote on remodeling your kitchen, bathroom nor basement.

Testimonial Example three (below 1-3) with an observation that even thou description of type of project was mentioned there’s “no date” when performed.

  1. “ They built me a great room addition “
  2. “ I’m enjoying my remodeled bathroom “
  3. “ I’m so pleased with my new kitchen that your foreman Jerry remodeled “

Your Concern …….  Is it genuine? If so, it could have been done 20 years ago. How is this relevant today? A Ct. Home improvement companies’ performance / skills could worsen or fade or the actually project was performed by the prior generation of this company and that complimented employee (Jerry) no longer works for this company.

Testimonial Example Four (below 1-2) with an observation that even thou description of the type of work along with year performed was mentioned however “it’s not personalized”.

  1. “ They did a great job constructing my new home addition “   John , Fairfield , Ct    2011
  2. “ Extremely pleased , they are the best Ct. room addition contractor “  K & S   2010

Your concern….. Is it genuine? If homeowner didn’t leave full name the contractor should intervene by stating Building permit number, date issued, City/ Town project was performed to assure testimonial is genuine and has some sort of personalization associated with testominal.  

All testimonials should include all 4 essential criteria’s mentioned. Arnone Building & Remodeling testimonials include all 4 , plus “Before “ & “ After “ photos , see home page of web site , right column , with heading “ Testimonials “.

Please further read, under same heading (Read in between the lines) about “References “to confirm/distinguish between “Truth & Friction “.

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