Proof of Insurance

Confirm by receiving “Certificate of Insurance “directly from their Insurance Company. If owner of Ct. home improvement company hands , e-mails , postal mails or fax you their policy then you need to confirm by calling insurance company directly and request they provide you a copy to confirm. They will ask you to provide your name & address so it will be added to policy and appear under “Certificate Holder” (Insurance Company will either e-mail / fax/ or postal mail you directly). Also request to be on the “Notification List “, this entities you to be notified if policy was altered ,cancelled or renewed during the deration of your project.

Do not accept a “Certificate of insurance “that was provided to you by the Ct. Home remodeling company even if your name and address appear in the “Certificate Holders “box. Anyone can fraudulently type in your name & address on their computer screen at desired location and place policy in storage paper bin of printer and press “copy” to print your name & address exactly in the desired location of policy.

It is also possible that insurance company will inform you that this company is no longer insured with them even thou you were handed a certificate of insurance policy illustrating current coverage however invalid because it was earlier cancelled due to non-payment.

All companies that provide a service on homeowner’s property are required to have “General Liability Insurance” and “Workers Compensation Insurance “if this company has employees (opposed to just owner of company performing the work). Upon receiving policy directly from insurance company, carefully read policy to assure both coverage is included. It is possible that this insurance company only supplies 1 of the 2 coverage’s, if this is the case then there are 2 possibilities, either this remodeling company doesn’t have this coverage or actually does , but with a different insurance company. If the “ladder” then you have to do this procedure a 2nd time to receive proof on coverage that was omitted on the first policy.

If you hire a company that doesn’t have “ General Liability Insurance “ you’ll be burdened with the expense of fixing / repairing any damage to your processions / property should they get damaged during renovation period or later on after faulty work finally appears.

You should request / receive these insurance policies prior to committing to any company and absolutely before signing a contract. It’s possible the company you felt was most reasonable in cost was only due to not having any insurance.

In you were informed after you initially asked for proof of insurance that none existed, however was told by this Ct, remodeling company that should you hire them they will obtain proper insurance prior to commencing work, then walk away, this is a red flag.

If you receive confirmation during your research that this company had “General Liability Insurance “however doesn’t have “Workers Compensation Insurance “. Then you have to ask yourself, is this project a 1 person job?, is so, will it be solely done by owner of this remodeling company?. If you feel it’s possible you then must verify and include this language terms in contract. If you feel this project isn’t a 1 person job, then eliminate this company.

It’s not out of the ordinary to also request proof of insurance from the general contractors sub-contractors (if any) , such as plumber , electrician , heating contractors , etc.

Arnone Building & Remodeling does display a copy of their Insurance coverage on their web site that easily can be printed for homeowner to do their research even prior to inviting my company to their home. Located on home page, titled “Credentials “.


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