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Award Winning Ct. Better Business Bureau Company, following years......
2011, 2012, 2014, 2016 & 2017.
• Establish 1973, 44 consecutive years. ( self-employed at 19)
Never a revoked license. Never a suspended license.
Never went bankrupt . Never changed company name.
A+ rating, CT Better Business Bureau (no complaints past 30 years)
• Not been sued by a homeowner past 30 years.
• Not had a general liability claim filed past 30 years.
Never had any OSHA violations.
• Owner is founder, estimator, designer & working foreman.
Financing available
Approved FHA 203K Contractor
• All Testimonials are genuine & recent.
• Owner of company never been arrested, never taken drugs.
• Offers Starting & Completion date.
• Licensed & Insured  (up to date documents posted on web site)
Approved Contractor for Home Handicap Modifications
Approved Ct. Contractor for SAH Grants (Specially Adapted Housing )
Approved Ct. Contractor for SHA Grants (Special Housing Adaptations )
Approved Ct. Contractor for TRA Grants (Temporary Residence Adaptation)
Certified "Lead Safe" Contractor
Never has any sub-contractor nor supplier placed a lien on my
   customers home for non-payment.

All information are  documented FACTS, and not someone's opinion. 

Our Commitment to You!

No Excuses We don’t make excuses. We believe excuses are due to lack of discipline, preparation, knowledge or lack of experience. An excuse is nothing more then avoiding responsibility.

No Hidden Cost We believe knowledge of Building Codes and a thorough inspection is our responsibility. If we overlook a obvious correction or Code requirement we will correct / provide at no charge.

Communication We answer to you, you are our boss. All questions and concerns are addressed immediately.

Honesty, Integrity & Respect We will never lie, inflate, misinform, take advantage or charge for unnecessary work. Your best interest is our only concern. Were a company with a conscious .

Dust / Mess Control We believe this is avoidable. The solution is simple because we have the discipline, mind set, and pride.

Payments are only due upon Completion We only request payment on services already rendered. A detailed payment schedule is provided and we request payment upon completion of a phase and not starting of a phase, You pay for what was installed.

Quality Workmanship All Arnone Building & Remodeling work, preparation, and procedures are personally done and supervised by it’s owner to assure only the highest standards.

A Enjoyable, Stress-Free Experience We have the reputation, thoughtfulness, passion, discipline, knowledge, dedication and experience to proclaim this. We have a conscious.

Top 10 Questions homeowners will never ask a contractor because they’re afraid to!

Understandable, you're entrusting a company with your most important possessions (family), asset (home) and resources (money)!

  1. Are you presently addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling?
  2. Are you presently on any prescription medication and if so, for what reason?
  3. Have you ever been accused or arrested for stealing, lewd acts, DWI, DUI, tax evasion or home improvement fraud?
  4. Do you presently have any financial problems (lawsuits, liens, foreclosures or judgments)?
  5. Have you ever owned a company that filed bankruptcy?
  6. Have you ever changed the name of your company to conceal or avoid prior responsibilities, liabilities, liigation or to mislead due to having a bad reputation?
  7. Had you ever had a revoked, suspended or invalid Home Improvement license?
  8. How often has your company been sued by a homeowner due to poor workmanship, not starting or completing a project or by causing any monetary hardships?
  9. How often has your company been liable for causing property damage during construction?
  10. How could I be assured that I’ll be extremely pleased with the quality of workmanship and that the final outcome will be an enjoyable, no worry, no mess, and stress -free experience?

I’ll answer ALL of these questions!

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“Read in Between the Lines"
Truth or Fiction, Don’t be misled on.









Effective 2007, BBB initiated a grading system from A+ to F.
Arnone Building & Remodeling has maintained an A+ rating throughout.

“BBB Business Reviews” document only the last 36 months of business actively, which in part includes “Volume of Complaints.” Arnone Building & Remodeling's time period is documented the last 360 months with no BBB complaints.

If consumer is suspicious on what constitutes a logged BBB complaint I can assure you, Arnone Building & Remodeling has never received even an consumer inquiry from BBB, period.

Click here for BBB Review

1 Job, 1 Testimonial

Exceptional in both ways!  

I usually showcase numerous pictures on extensive projects , however upon receiving homeowners testimonial I decided to showcase only 2 because they showcased an overwhelming amount of pictures in the form of “ Words “.

Click here to view “Before “ & “ After “ picture and read testimonial.

Approved Contractor for Home Handicap Modifications

  • Approved Ct. Contractor for SAH Grants (Specially Adapted Housing)
  • Approved Ct. Contractor for SHA Grants (Special Housing Adaptations)
  • Approved Ct. Contractor for TRA Grants (Temporary Residence Adaptation)

Wheelchair accessible bathrooms / bedrooms  

  • Ramps
  • Walk-in tubs
  • Barrier free showers
  • Structure work
  • Lifts
  • Non slip tile
  • Grab bars
  • Additions

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Approved FHA 203 K Contractor

Renovation Loans, Construction Loans  

We understand the stress and uncertainness “you “ the homeowner have in researching for a reliable, honest Ct. remodeling company when both obtaining an Approved FHA 203K loan though completion of project. Arnone Building & Remodeling can assure you we are an excellent choice with a 100 % satisfaction rating , we are a home improvement company with the highest integrity, we have a conscious for your best interest

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Is there much Credence to A+ BBB Rating?

Before you answer.....

If asked , what % of 626 Home Improvement BBB members (*without omissions) have A+ rating & what % have some sort of an A rating ( A- , A , A+) ?

Select 1 of the 4 below for correct answer!

1. 55 % & 79 % 2. 76 % & 81 %
3. 65 % & 73 % 4. 96 % & 100 %


Click here for answer & explanation

*As of February 2015

Don’t necessarily be impressed with these credentials or statements on a website !

They could be misleading!

  • "We offer money saving coupons"
  • Pictures, especially slide shows"
  • Message in Videos and Audios
  • Reading positive Testimonials
  • "We're licensed and Insured"
  • "I'm a Master Carpenter"
  • Stated amount of Experience
  • "We're a A+ BBB rated company"

Unless "click here for explanation"

Promotions & Specials

1 Free Floor Plan..    with each addition estimate. Drawings are computer generated and to scale. Enables you to have a better understanding and ability to correct and make changes.

Homeowners Participation..     equals you saving money. If your capable and willing to be responsible for doing certain work within contractors time restrictions we welcome your input. We also will provide proper instructions and tools at no charge.

Warranty Extensions..   request  a  2 year warranty in writing on workmanship., twice  mandatory State Law.

10 % credit..      once submitting a bid (upon request) I’ll inform you total estimated hours to complete project and perform additional 10 % of additional work at no additional charge. Total hours estimated only include Arnone employees and not their subs.

Commission Fee..  once becoming a customer you will receive a 2 % commission for each referral that becomes a signed contract  performed by us. Must be notified no later then 7 days after signed contract. A $ 35.000.00 referral  =  a $700.00 commission. 

Common Code & Safety Violations
For Homeowners Better Awareness on..

Bedroom Egress Windows           

Printable Diagrams illustrating code requirements & examples.

Top 50 Building Terms
For Homeowners Better Understanding

Printable Diagram illustrating location, description & function.

Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid.

When hiring a Contractor

Foolproof Method that Reference is..

Legitimate, Accurate & Done Correctly

• Skeptical about references?
• Wonder if your  actually talking to their friend or family?.
• Your shown photos, did this person perform  the work?
• If so, as a employee or by his own company?
• If by his own company, was the customer satisfied?
• If satisfied, was the job done to Code?

"By Requesting a Copy of the Building Permit"

A Building Permit includes..

Name of Company.  Confirms if this company performed job.
Companies Registration Number, match number  to confirm.
Date of permit, confirms if it is a recent reference.
Homeowners name,  able to confirm phone number in book .
Homeowners address,  Confirms location should you visit.

Listen to All Customers who either

  • Filed a Complaint with BBB or
  • Filed a General Liability Claim or
  • Filed a Law Suit
  • In the Past 29 Years

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Myths highlighted in Black - Reality Highlighted in Red.

To apply for a CT Home Improvement License you must have sufficient / documented hours of formal training & experience.  Also, knowledge of building codes & business laws and to obtain a license passed a test conducted by State of Connecticut.    
No test required, just pay a fee. You don’t earn a license you buy one.

Advertisements offering a coupon means a reduction in cost.
Not true, your given an inflated quote to counter- act any alleged reduction.  Coupons are only legit when purchasing a product with a pass history of value.  The Home Improvement Industry sells a service not a product, thus any given quote is subjective and could be manipulated.

Public perception of the word “Experienced” is one that is qualified, skilled & knowledgeable in their profession.
Contractor’s interpretation is calculated by total years of involvement. Unfortunately contractors interpretation doesn’t conclude being qualified nor possessing knowledge , common sense or performing quality workmanship . Also, stated amount of experience is subjective and most likely exaggerated. For example they include their “Time of Experience” when not working, unemployed, injured, on disability, laid off or in a different profession.

Videos featured on web sites reflect proof that company is qualified to perform illustrated work in a professional & workmanship manner. 
Not necessarily true. Videos are created by paying an advertising agency to illustrate a company in a positive / professional manner, even if the information (supplied by client) is false, exaggerated or misleading.

Photos of a company’s previous work (similar to your project) are an assurance of their capability thus they are qualified.
Not necessary true.  Photos don’t confirm if customer was satisfied with company's workmanship, communication skills, demeanor, cleanliness or starting & completing project as promised.

Testimonials illustrated on web sites are true.
Not necessary true... There are no restrictions or guidelines to prove a testimonial is accurate or genuine before being posted.  Even a genuine testimonial is not an assurance of company’s qualifications when it is extremely old or doesn’t specify type of project performed. These testimonials are inconclusive to determine their present abilities.

Claiming to be a "Master Carpenter".
There's no organization, association or governing party in the United States giving certifications claiming one to be a true “Master Carpenter”. There are Master & Grand Master rankings in chess, judo & karate, however not Carpentry.

Options on Building UPWARD!

Each Option with a variety of concepts!

We're an established, reputable CT remodeling company specializing in all home improvements.

We're an experienced CT home improvement company working in New Haven County, Fairfield County, Litchfield County, Hartford County and Middlesex County.

Click here for illustrated concepts.

Undecided to build Up or Out?

Criteria's - Restrictions – Advantages – Disadvantages

We're an established, reputable CT remodeling company specializing in all home improvements.

We're an experienced CT home improvement company working in New Haven County, Fairfield County, Litchfield County, Hartford County and Middlesex County.

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Ranch vs. Cape when going UP!

Advantages & Disadvantages

We are a premiere CT Home Improvement contractor specializing in 2nd level and 1st floor room & home additions. Also specializing in kitchen & bathroom remodeling.

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View Floor Plans (scaled & detailed),
Variety of Options!

Cape Homes (Based on most common size
(32’ 0” x 24’ 0”) & stair location.
(Chimney location to be considered)

Convert Cape to Colonial, (Same foot-print as 1st floor)
Which concept fits your needs?

Convert Cape to Colonial, (Cantilevered front & rear)
Which concept fits your needs?

Add Full Rear Dormer to Cape (Same foot-print & Cantilevered)
Which concept fits your needs?

Let us custom design your floor plan!

If you own a "Ranch" or "Cape" supply us with (1) house measurements (2) location of stairs (3) location of chimney (4) desired amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. And I’ll supply you the most desirable floor plan possible.

Click here for printable sample floor plan, then contact us to discuss further details & specifics.

Click here for a message from CT Contractor John Arnone

If you need immediate ATTENTION,
call me directly on my cell phone
203-915-9972 John Arnone.


Our Connecticut Service Area

2011 CT BBB Award Winning Company Arnone Building Remodeling, Inc BBB Award

2012 CT BBB Award Winning Company

2014 CT BBB Award Winning Company

2016 CT BBB Award Winning Company Arnone Building Remodeling, Inc BBB Award

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Testimonials should be genuine, recent, descriptive, compelling & personalized, if not, their irrelevant!

Ours meet all these criteria's along with before, during & after photos.

Click below to view project type

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly.

Place yourself in a favorable position.

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What is most difficult to obtain? ( select 1 below )

1. Home Improvement License .
2. Minimum wage job.

Click here for answer & explanation.

Tips & Tricks

for Professional Carpenters

Detailed illustrations & instructions
Content can't be copied, distributed
or republished without written permission.

View our Contracts!

Thoroughness with
No Misunderstandings!
We Offer "Peace of Mind"

Sample bathroom contract.
Sample addition contract.
Sample cape to colonial contract.
Sample deck contract.

We're knowledgeable & thorough. A CT remodeling company "Raising the Standards" in this industry!

View Credentials & Documents!

Addressing your Concerns!
Assuring you a Successful Experience!

Home Improvement License
Insurance Policy
References, present customer feed-back (Fairfield County)
• References, present customer feed-back (New Haven County)
CT BBB Report/ Profile

We're a Reputable CT construction company specializing in Excellence & Satisfaction!

Top 10 Scams / Deceptions by CT Home Improvement Contractors!

  1. Purposely “low balling” bids.
  2. Charging what seems to be a reasonable hourly rate.
  3. Overcharging on “additional work”.    
  4. Contract language favoring contractor.
  5. Exaggerating / misleading “amount of experience“.
  6. Excuses / lying
  7. Tactics to cover-up not being properly insured.
  8. Falsifying / misleading references.
  9. Tactics to cover-up not being properly licensed
  10. Purposely “Low Balling”  time project will take.

Solutions to counteract or avoid! Learn their tactics & motives! Don’t be scammed! Knowledge is “POWER“!

Don’t become a Victim!

Familiarize yourself with proper procedures & precautions before hiring any contractor!

Test your Knowledge . Questionnaire attached ,6 topics each with multiple scenarios to choose from , scenarios vary from worse to best decisions with points awarded accordingly. Sum of points is your score , thus evaluating your present knowledge, perception and priorities for future guidance.

View "Checklists"
(all printable)

Guidance Simplified when choosing a Ct Home Improvement Contractor!

We’re a CT building company with a conscious, looking out for your best interest, regardless whom you hire!

Coupons & Specials

"Our appreciation to all our past, present & future customers"

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Top 10 FAQ to Home Improvement / Remodeling Contractors

Along with answers & compelling advice!

Click here for more FAQ

You’ll  be
Shocked & Upset!

Credentials to become a CT Home Improvement contractor ..

Click here for an explanation

Controlling 3 D’s

Dust – Dirt – Damage

Pictures &  illustrations

Red Flags

Avoid Hiring CT Home Improvement Contractors when..

•Solicits at door,
•No listing in phone book.
•Provides only a P.O Box address.
•Offers a discount for on spot decision.
•Quote only good for today.
•Request you obtain Building Permit.
•Accepts only cash.
•Request a large deposit.
•Refuses to provide written estimate.
•Refuses to provide written contract.

The above list are obvious indicators, for the not so obvious visit “Mistakes to Avoid"

We Offer

• Peace of Mind
• Written Contract
• Insured & Licensed
• Written Guarantee on Workmanship
• Start & Completion Date
• Specials & Promotions
• Payment Schedule
• Professionalism  & Knowledge
• Thoroughness
• Excellent Workmanship
• Design & Blueprint Service
• References

Full Service Provided

• Electrical
• Plumbing
• Heating
• Cooling
• Drywall
• Roofing
• Flooring
• Siding
• Excavating
• Framing
• Trim
• Tile
• Design
• Blueprints

Privacy Policy
Refund Policy
Reimbursement Policy
Guarantee Policy
Warrantee Policy

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Acceptable Payments

Code of Conduct

Proper Attire
No Loud Music
No Smoking In House
No Swearing
Clean & Safe Work Area
Utmost Consideration

LEAD-SAFE Certified Home Improvement ContractorCertificate Number R-R-18329-15-00526
Expiration Date: 6/12/2020

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