Top 10 Questions Homeowners Will Never Ask a Contractor Because They’re Afraid To!

Understandable, you're entrusting a company with your most important possessions (family), asset (home) and resources (money)!

  1. Are you presently addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling?
  2. Are you presently on any prescription medication and if so, for what reason?
  3. Have you ever been accused or arrested for stealing, lewd acts, DWI, DUI, tax evasion or home improvement fraud?
  4. Do you presently have any financial problems (lawsuits, liens, foreclosures or judgments)?
  5. Have you ever owned a company that filed bankruptcy?
  6. Have you ever changed the name of your company to conceal or avoid prior responsibilities, liabilities, litigation or to mislead due to having a bad reputation?
  7. Had you ever had a revoked, suspended or invalid Home Improvement license?
  8. How often has your company been sued by a homeowner due to poor workmanship, not starting or completing a project or by causing any monetary hardships?
  9. How often has your company been liable for causing property damage during construction?
  10. How could I be assured that I’ll be extremely pleased with the quality of workmanship and that the final outcome will be an enjoyable, no worry, no mess, and stress -free experience?


  1. No & never to all, never experimented with drugs.
  2. No & never.
  3. No to all. Never been accused or arrested for any reason.
  4. No to all.
  5. No
  6. No, same company name since existence (1973).
  7. No
  8. Never been sued for either poor workmanship, not starting or completing a project, or causing any monetary hardships. However I have been in court 5 times but not since 1988. I was the plaintiff on all occasions suing for non-payment.
  9. None since 1988. Total of 2 prior, 1 due to a hurricane.
  10. We are a reputable, experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and honest company with a conscious. All work is done & supervised by me to assure only the highest standards. We don’t just state we are one of the best; we have proven we are one of the best!