A previous customers experience / knowledge / feedback of a Ct. remodeling companies over-all performance is crucial information to obtain. This article provides vital information to assure you’re not being manipulated in a false representation of the actually truth. This knowledge will eliminate hiring an inferior / unqualified Ct. Home improvement company.

To establish the true identity of any Ct. General Contractors performance “You “must control and establish the guidelines. The old premise was the Ct. remodeling company was in control when requested ,by supplying 3 random references of their choice, however this method is flawed. Any company with an extremely low satisfaction record (7 dissatisfied customers out of 10) can still supply 3 satisfied references. Your objective is to know what they’re not divulging.

A crucial mistake by homeowners is not calling references because they assume references will be favorable hence no sense calling. A lot of times Ct. remodeling companies assume their previous clients were pleased however this could be far from the truth. Many incidents (other than workmanship) homeowners will “bite the bullet “ and say nothing because their intimidated to complain most likely because the job is still in process. However once project is completed, this homeowner may “open up to you “. Inform you of delays in the project, poor attitudes of company owner and employees; certain work had to be redone, very messy, etc…. All incidents that owner of company either is oblivious or insensitive too.

These Guidelines are as follows….

  1. Specifically ask all prospective Ct. remodeling companies for at least 3 recent references that are similar to your proposed remodeling project. Don’t consider references of decks, roofing or installing replacement windows if your proposing to construct a ground level or second story addition or remodel your bathroom or kitchen. Your objective is to eliminate prospective Ct. remodeling contractors that don’t actually perform your desired work or not qualified with enough experience to consider hiring. Essentially because there are variable trades / occupations that are covered under the same “Home Improvement License “. Some examples are roofing, siding, landscaping, painting, paving driveways, installing swimming pools, waterproofing foundations, insulation and erecting fences.  Literally you can view a home improvement company’s ad or web site when you’re considering ( for example ) building an addition , remodeling a kitchen or bathroom and read ( all true ) that they state they been in business for 20 years and have collectively over 30 years of experience , they have a home improvement license and are insured. However, in reality, a majority of their work they performed could have been painting, roofing, siding or commercial work with no or little residential work experience.  Besides asking for their 3 most recent projects that correspond with your proposed project you also need to evaluate companies “profile “, read guideline # 2 , directly below.

  2. Specifically ask all prospective CT. residential remodeling companies for the last 10 projects they performed including name, contact number, date and description of work. You’re objective is to establish this companies “ profile “ such as the type of projects their more accustomed / familiar / experienced in doing and also the volume of work they perform. If (for example) an overwhelming amount of these 10 provided projects are roofing, siding or small handyman work then this would indicate ( if your project differs ) they aren’t experienced / qualified enough to perform the type of project you’re considering such as a extensive remodeling project or addition. If the 10 provided projects occurred during a substantial amount of time this would indicate there’re either purposely omitting unsatisfied clients or not busy for many reasons, all discouraging.

Cautionary measures / advice during your evaluation / research…

  1. Don’t be influenced by either photos / slide shows on web site or pictures of work presented by prospective company in exchange for references. Their premise is to convince you their familiar and capable of performing your aforementioned project. Photo’s don’t confirm that this company actually performed this work nor confirm homeowner was pleased with workmanship and overall performance. The photos you viewed on their web site could be obtained / purchased from a library of photos supplied by the marketing web site designer they hired that created their web site.

  2. If your skeptical about the authenticity of any reference , wonder if you’re actually talking to contractors friend , relative or family member in disguise, there is a foolproof procedure  ( if this type of project warrants obtaining a Building Permit ) . You should ask contractor for a copy of the Building permit affiliated with this reference. A Building permit indicates (1) Company name that performed work (2) Date issued (3) Name & address of homeowner/ jobsite    (4) Date permit was issued (5) Type and value of project. (6) Companies Home Improvement number.       All information you can verify.

You the homeowner must understand that just because a company processes a license and is insured (both actually purchased and not earned) doesn’t qualify them to perform all types of home improvement projects with quality workmanship. Not all companies are experienced, knowledgeable or capable of performing large extensive projects. Few will be honest and decline bidding on these types of projects, however a majority will hide behind a façade of misrepresentations because their main concern is what is in their best interest , not yours.  

Don’t feel you are offending any prospective company by your request / methods of research , because my company Arnone Building & Remodeling would appreciate if I was asked because I’ll know I’ll have a better chance of being awarded the project . If you do receive any negativity from any prospective company then you accomplished your goal, which is eliminating the undesirable / unqualified companies. Remember your investing thousands, maybe tens of thousands dollars of your hard earn money.


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