Public perception is a Ct. remodeling company is experienced, knowledgeable and skilled to obtain a Ct. home improvement license. However the reality is no training, no test, no experience and no knowledge is required. A Ct. Home improvement license is purchased, not earned.

This unfortunately being true you’ll still need to verify. Don’t settle on just a “yes “from potential contractors or by them showing you their business card stating they are licensed or it’s illustrated on their truck their licensed. Start verification process by requesting them to supply you a copy of their license if they’re not in your presence. If they are in your presence then request to view their license and make a copy or write down pertinent information. It’s a State requirement that they be in possession of their current license when conducting business .State of Ct. provides a wallet-size license that must be presented upon request. Pertinent information of license states the following…. registration number , effective and expiration dates , name of company , type of license, ( in this case you are looking for H.I.C ( which refers to a Home Improvement Contractor) and address of license holder. It doesn’t actually state the name of contractor. You then can go on line to verify license /registration.

While in the presence of contractor and viewing their H.I.C license, also request to view their driver’s license so you can verify addresses match, since its possible name of company (example being “All Phases of Carpenter” ) may not have any similarity to their first or last name). If it doesn’t match, this is a red flag. Even thou license isn’t transferable; it could be shared among devious contractors.

Arnone Building & Remodeling does display a copy of their H.I.C license on their web site that easily can be printed for homeowner to do their research even prior to inviting my company to their home. Located on home page, titled Credentials.

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