Public perception is a Ct. remodeling company is experienced, knowledgeable and skilled to obtain a Ct. home improvement license. However the reality is no training, no test, no experience and no knowledge is required. A Ct. Home improvement license is purchased, not earned.

This unfortunately being true you’ll need to do your homework to assure any potential contractor is qualified to perform your project.

It’s possible any information you were told verbally by this Ct. remodeling contractor or seen displayed on their truck, web site, stationary or business card could be a total misrepresentation / fabrication of their skills and time of experience.

Listed below are a few examples advocating 1 thing however meaning another. 
Highlighted in Blueis what contractor is advocating.                                                       
Highlighted in Red is possible reality   “Read in between the lines “

  1. A company stating they have 25 years of experience..
    * In reality it’s 5 employees each with 5 years of experience.
    * In reality just a fabricated lie, no rhyme or reason.
  1. A general contractor company truly stating they indeed have 25 years of experience, however ……..
    * In reality a majority of that experience was as an employee with very little or no experience toward the business aspect.
    * In reality calculating the 25 year span without deducting when laid off, unemployed, working in a different professional or worst, incarcerated.
    * In reality, most experience is commercial work and being a sub-contractor to a general contractor thus no residential work nor dealing directly with homeowners.
  1. Any contractor advocating amount of experience. I’ll illustrate why lying about amount of home improvement experience in the Home Improvement Industry is rapid. It’s because it’s un-documented ( for the most part ).
    *In reality there’re no guidelines / restrictions or documented records to confirm amount of home improvements experience.
    Contrary to Electrical, Plumbing & Heating Contractors. In order for any person to obtain any of these 3 mentioned Licenses they have to obtain 8000 documented / supervised hours of training, once done, take a written test conducted by the State of Ct, if they pass test they’ll receive an E-2 license for electrician, P-2 license for plumber, etc. There’re not entitled to be self-employed at this stage, but no longer need supervision (can be a foreman). Then they must receive another 4000 hours documented hours of work , once done , take a written test conducted by the State of Ct, if they pass they’ll receive a E-1 license ( for example if you’re a electrician ) and can become self-employed if they wish.
    *In reality a Home Improvement License is bought with no experience required.

Similar to a homeowner attempting to gather truthful information with the objective of avoiding unqualified / over rated Ct. remodeling companies I also to research with the same objective when in need of additional employees. Actually I handle my interview more of an interrogation because I’m aware of the following………..

  1. They will exaggerate time of experience, they’ll include time when not working, laid off, or in a different professional or so-called being self-employed.
  2. They will omit references of companies they worked for if they left under bad terms.
  3. They will exaggerate their skills in stating ( when asked ) the type of work they performed.

What I do, for all reasons above, I’ll tell each applicant I’m starting them with zero experience and they have to prove to me their knowledge. I’ll inform them that I don’t necessary go by the amount of years of experience but by the quality of years of experience. I’ll inform them that a person with actually 6 years of experience can be more knowledgeable and productive then a person with actually 20 years of experience.

If I ask them if they know how to tape drywall, layout a stair stringer or layout a roof rafter, etc , I’ll not just accept a “yes” for an answer. I’ll actually supply them drywall , compound , mesh and a taping knife and tell them to show me , I’ll supply them a board ,framing square and give them pitch of roof , thickness of ridge , overhang and span to lay out a rafter or pertinent measurements to lay out a stair stringer.

If they actually acknowledged they performed other certain work I will ask them to explain their method. I do this because method corresponds with production. My objection is to make sure I place them (if hired) in a position and wage that their qualified / capable of handling. And during the process teach them the most productive methods.

I understand, you the homeowner may be a little naïve, however with this guidance on this topic along with other topics , hopefully will place you in a more favorable position.

Arnone Building & Remodeling is documented to be in business since 1973 as per my tax records. Plus prior to this, 4 years of Technical School and once graduated, hired as a carpenter ( on the books )for additional 2 ½ years before becoming self-employed. 

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