Privacy Policy

Initial contact is made by the customer. This company does not solicit.

During initial contact, information such as name, address & phone number is obtained directly from customer. This company does not disclose this information to anyone .

This company when hired does not divulge any personal information made available except…..

  1. Information necessary to obtain a Building Permit (Name, address, phone number & required drawings)
  2. Site location for deliveries of merchandize and to sub-contractors.
  3. Option . Credit card information supplied by customer and only to Credit Card Company.
  4. Contents of any testimonial letter the customer may voluntarily provide.
  5. If required by law.

If you have any questions concerning our privacy policy you may contact this company by……..

  1. Email
  2. Fax 203-393-9674
  3. Mail Arnone Building & Remodeling Inc. 44 Virginia Rail Drive, Bethany, Ct. 06524
  4. Office 203-393-9673 answering machine
  5. Web Site


  1. Homeowner may cancel contract within 3 business days from date of signing and receive full refund of deposit.. To notify company of cancellation please email statement . Company email address on front page of contract. Company will refund deposit in full within 10 business days.
  2. Incorporated in contract may be certain merchandize that must be selected by homeowner based on their personal taste & budget. These such items have an allotted allowance, if homeowners eventually selection is less expensive then allotted amount, homeowner will be refunded difference. Refund generated by deducting this amount off the next progress payment in contract.


  1. If homeowners eventually selection is more expensive then allotted allowance, homeowner must reimburse difference. Reimbursement generated by adding the overage to next progress payment in contract.


  1. Workmanship extended to 2 years beyond completion date of project. (Twice the State Law Requirement ). To notify company please email statement . Company email address on front page of contract.
  2. If service is requested beyond limitation, company will charge below market value on labor and 100% market value on material.
  3. All contracts will have a starting & completion date.
  4. Company will supply proof of Insurance policy prior to signing of contract.
  5. Company will supply proof of Home Improvement License prior to signing contract.


  1. Company will supply homeowner all literature delivered with product pertaining to manufactures warranty . Homeowner is responsible to fill out warranty application , mail and obtain confirmation.
  2. Company will supply homeowner receipt (proof of purchase) if required
  3. Company will reject any merchandize that is obviously damaged, wrong size or incorrectly ordered or delivered at no charge to homeowner.
  4. Replacement of any installed product that may become defective ( in full or parts) will be based on suppliers warranty policy . Any compensation, remedy or decision on product will strictly be between homeowner & manufacture Labor reimbursement to Re-install any product may or may not be included in suppliers policy. If not, Company as a courtesy will install below market value on labor.

The Word "Company" refers to Arnone Building & Remodeling Inc. 44 Virginia Rail Drive, Bethany, Ct 06524
Owner : John A. Arnone



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