Undecided to build Up or Out?

Criteria's - Restrictions – Advantages – Disadvantages

1. What are the criteria's for choosing a Second Story Addition opposed to a ground-level Multi-Room Addition?

  • Assuming you need a overwhelming amount of square footage to accommodate your many needs , It's best to convert your ( 1 ) cape into a colonial ( 2 ) ranch into a colonial ( 3 ) ranch into a split level ranch instead of adding a massive ground level addition which may depreciate the integrity of the exterior appearance and occupy to much of your property. Converting one style home into another style home would look natural, as “No Massive Home Addition " had ever occurred.
  • When you need at least 2 out of the following 3 scenarios (1) Additional bedrooms / with at least 1 bathroom (2) Enlarging existing rooms ( Kitchen , Living room ) (3) Creating rooms you presently don't have ( office , den , laundry room ). All the additional square footage you need to enlarge a kitchen or create new rooms such as a den or office would come from existing floor space of1st floor bedrooms and the new bedrooms along with any additional bathrooms can be relocated upstairs ( Entire new 2nd level Addition).
  • When Creating Ct In-Law Apartment Addition for the younger generation that don't mind walking up a flight of stairs.

2. What are the criteria's for choosing a ground-level Room Addition opposed to a Second Story Addition?

  • Either creating an entire new room addition (1) limit of 2 bedrooms) or (2) expanding an existing room such as kitchen, family room, sun room, bonus room
  • When needing only 1 or no more than 3 additional rooms.
  • When Creating In-Law Apartment Addition for elderly that can't or prefer not walking up a flight of stairs.

3. What are the restrictions / disadvantages of ground-level Room Additions?

  • Possible restrictions with zoning requirements (infringing set back on sides, rear or front property lines).
  • Decreases size of property or you may not have appropriate amount of property
  • Possibly the expense to extend or relocate existing well , septic system , sewer line or tank , underground water line , air condition condenser, deck , patio , sun room or porch. And possible loss of not being able to replace deck, patio or porch.
  • Expense of excavating, foundation, disruption of landscaping, expense to repair lawn.
  • A massive ground level Home Addition may restrict view or natural sunlight to adjoining ground-level rooms.

4. What are the restrictions / disadvantages of Second Story Additions?

  • Additional remodeling projects such as expense in extending chimney, extending fire place & electrical service.
  • Additional remodeling project such as expense in creating a set of stairs to new Second Story Addition (ranches only, capes have stairs).
  • Additional remodeling project such as expense in disturbing present 1st floor drywall / plaster ceilings since an entire new structural floor system is required for Second Story Addition ( ranches only , capes usually have existing structural floor ).
  • Additional remodeling project such as expense of jack hammering, excavating and pouring a few concrete footings in basement floor with columns to support the additional weight of proposed Second Story Addition. These new footings & columns may disturb layout / design if present basement is finished. However other procedures could be done to eliminate required columns & footings by “beefing up" wooden girder with a steel plate.
  • Additional remodeling projects such as expense for better “Curb Appeal”, since addition could be viewed from street. Examples ( 1 ) Changing lower level windows or front door ( 2 ) New front porch / steps ( 3 ) Shutters ( 4 ) Landscaping ( 5 ) Sidewalk ( 6 ) Lighting . (7) New siding and possibly doing entire house.
  • Possibly the expense (ranch only) of removing & relocating mechanical equipment in attic (duct work, air condition equipment, electrical wires).
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