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I’m John Arnone, owner and founder of Arnone Building & Remodeling Inc.

My web site illustrates an “Epic “of information which evolved from almost a half of century of training ,experience, dedication, perception, leadership, foresight, integrity, knowledge, learning , determination, teaching and evaluating, both in the field and the business portion. I have a passion toward my craft and feel obligated to educate consumers about an industry (Home Improvement contractors) ranked high in consumer complaints.

The majority of complaints occur due to many reasons (1) a misconception the consumer has in assuming that obtaining a contractor’s license is an assurance of being experienced, knowledgeable and properly skilled when in reality a home improvement license is purchased and not earned. (2) Contractors inability to provide professional service, workmanship and / or product. (3) Consumers lack of knowledge, lack of research and presumption of trust.

I’m naïve about many other subjects and have experienced this helpless feeling of uncertainness, needing guidance, advice and hoping I’m not being taken advantage of or being mislead. I feel extremely appreciative and eventually rewarded when talking to an honest, reputable, knowledgeable person that is looking out for my best interest and educating me so I could understand and distinguish between the truth and deception.

My web site offers this guidance (regardless of my company being hired or not) throughout the consumer’s journey, from initial contact to releasing final payment and everything in-between. All educational information is worded and displayed for easy and understandable reading.

My web site also educates the consumer to counteract the assortment of possibilities an unethical, unqualified company will attempt, to both mislead initially and during consumers research with results of consumer eliminating these companies, or these companies surrendering themselves because they realize this consumer is educated to the point of not being fooled.

On the subject of wanting to improve this industry to protect consumers, February 2013, I participated in a hearing at the Connecticut State Capital in Harford, favoring a law requiring individuals wanting to become self-employed home improvement contractors that they first have to pass a test regarding their skills, experience & knowledge including knowledge of building codes and laws. I also suggested that their websites include the following information (which has been posted on my web site for years) that they are considering as outlined below as A-D.

(A) A photo of current insurance policy (opposed to just stating it).

Thus enabling consumer to view and be informed of insurance company’s name, contact number, expiration dates, amount and type of coverage. This will prevent the contractor who truly isn’t insured from being contacted by potential consumers. I feel companies not properly insured especially the ones that don’t carry workman’s compensation insurance (because they prefer to pay their employees under the table) will now obtain this insurance because they’ll realize consumers will dismiss from calling knowing that the owner of this company with no documented employees is limited to just doing small projects and would never be considered or called for the lucrative larger jobs.

(B) A photo of current Home Improvement registration card. (opposed to just stating it or just posting reg. #).

Thus enabling consumer to view and be informed of companies address , confirm license has not expired and registration number, company name and type of license ( in this case, HIC , short for Home Improvement Contractor) matches the same posted on their website. There are occasions in which this legal license is being fraudulently used and shared . If suspicious, request to see company owners driver’s license to see if names and address matches, the same for on home improvement license.

(C) All testimonials posted on websites should contain a minimum of 3 essential criteria’s to assure there legit and not misleading. Omission of any 1, testimonial not allowed to be posted.

(C1) Testimonials to preferably include customer’s full name and definitely Building Permit information (Town or City & permit number). If homeowner doesn’t wish to divulge their last name at least the information provided on Permit would be most helpful, such as the (A) name of contractor, (B) date of project, (C ) description of work and (D) value of work.

(A) Name of contractor to confirm this contractor actually performed the work.

(B) Date of project to confirm testimonial is relevant (meaning recent and not 20 years old).

(C) Description & (D) value of work to confirm potential consumer is not being misled by a manipulation of words giving a false presumption this contractor is qualified and experienced regarding this type of remodeling project. Illustrated below (between quotation marks) are such examples that should not be allowed due to a manipulation of words and followed (in Red) with a keen observation.

  1. “They did a great job and completed on time”
  2. “The workmanship was Excellent"
  3. “It was a pleasure working with them"
  4. “ I would highly recommend them"

All 4 examples above don’t mention a description of the type of work. These could have been small or simple projects and how is this relevant if you’re planning an extensive home addition or extensive remodeling project.

  1. “ I totally love the work they did in my kitchen “
  2. “ I’m extremely happy with the work they performed in my bathroom “
  3. “They did a great job in my basement “

All 3 examples directly above do “somewhat" mention a location of the home, however could be a manipulation of words that should not be allowed , for example.

  1. Item 1 above , mentioning Kitchen work could actually be installing drawer handles on cabinets
  2. Item 2 above , mentioning Bathroom work could actually be Installing a curtain rod.
  3. Item 3 above , mentioning Basement work , could actually be replacing a few damaged ceiling tiles.

A reason to know the value of work which is posted on the Building Permit is to confirm the extend of work.

(D) Stated “Amount of Experience “must be verified prior to be posted on website. The Department of Consumer Protection must verify based on income tax records from the Department of labor. I feel this will eliminate a misrepresentation and exaggeration.

Consumer should still be aware that someone, for example, with 20 actually years of experience in the Home Improvement Industry still may not be qualified to successfully complete your project because of the following reasons….

Overrated, wasn’t taught correctly, has minimal skills, can’t solve problems, non-productive, lazy, not honest, and not organized and has no people-skills. Another reason is they don’t poses these attributes in the type of work you’re interested in doing (see explanation below)

There are many different types of trades bundled-up in the same posted Home Improvement License. They include ( but not limited to ) swimming pools , driveways, insulation , landscaping , painting , fences , waterproofing , roofing , siding . Thus you can see posted on a company’s website (All truthful), Twenty years of home Improvement experience with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, however in reality not enough experience in the type of project you’re interested in performing.

Besides educating the consumer about this industry I also inform / educate them about myself. I could assure you that after one would research my web site they will know at least 100 things about myself, I’m not talking about my favorite color or my hobbies, I’m talking about hardcore facts that any consumer would want to know when considering to hire a person / company that will enter their home, meet their family members and give this person / company, possibly tens of thousands of their hard earned dollars ..

I thank you and am honored to present this information and even more honored if you felt it was helpful to you.

Thank you, John Arnone

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